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Black Eyed Pea Relish

It was so delicious 😋

I did get a couple little pieces of shell. Other than that it was very good 👍

One of our favorites!

This one adds just the perfect amount of heat - not too spicy & not too wimpy.

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Soup Sampler
Lisa Bailey

Soup Sampler

Peppered Gravy Mix
Paul Lavelle
Cant beat it.

This peppered gravy mix reminds me of the days on the farm at dinner with the family. Delicate, just the right spice and slight bite takes me all the way back to my Papa's cooking. Just enjoyable. Add milk instead of water for richer flavor.


I'm not knocking this pie, however without ever having tasted this I'm pretty certain the one I make at home is at least as good if not better. If you love pecan pie like I do and have a few cooking skills you can make your own once you find the recipe you like. The one I make is called "favorite pecan pie". Good luck!


They were delicious.

Salt Water Taffy
andrew giroir

Order two packs just about gone have to reorder w chocolate also

First Time

This was the first time using the catfish breading. This will be my definite breading for fish from now on. The catfish was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Highly recommend

I prefer a sharper taste than muddy pond. I got some from an old man in Mississippi and it was really sharp and satisfied my system.

New favorite!

I have never had a jam/jelly/preserve spread like this. It’s nice and thick but spreads like butter. I can get a thick enough layer on my bread without having big chunks on top. Flavor is just perfect in how potent it is- not overpowering, but not too light.

Shrimp question

When I make the shrimp and grits, do I need to get raw shrimp or shrimp that's already been cooked?


Really good taste and great that it is made with minimal sugar.

Awesome Casserole Dish

Bought this dish to replace a prior one that I broke while washing dishes. It is my favorite for Chicken Pot Pie!

Strawberry Preserves
Karen Decker

Wonderful. The yummiest ever!!!

Bread Baker
Ruby Baldwin
Bread baker

I love my bread baker so easy to use

Spring Water Taffy


This mix produces absolutely delicious blueberry pancakes! The best part? Read the ingredients list and you won’t find “crap” that your body wasn’t designed to ingest! I add a half cup of mix in addition to what’s recommended for thicker batter. My kids love them! Thanks Old Mill!

New Taste Experience

So glad I ordered this. So good on toast and muffins. Flavors subtle, not overpowering. Spreads smoothly. TY Old Mill. We will be ordering again from your company.

Delicious New Staple

We took a chance and weren't disappointed. Not overly sweet but smooth and very good on toast and hot muffins. It arrived well packaged and on time. I found this new company online by accident and so glad I did. The banana blueberry bread was also a pleasant surprise of combined fruit. We will be shopping Old Mill again. Thank you.

Chocolate Pecan Fudge
Carol B. Cole

When I pay good money to have fresh chocolate pecan fudge mailed to me and it arrives as hard as a brick, that is NOT good news. When I complain and am told something to the effect that no more will be shipped out because the weather is getting too hot, THAT ALSO is not good news. Because everyone k;owns that chocolate fudge is…….heat resistant. When the company is located here in the SOUTH and lies along with producing shoddy merchandise, I hang my head in great shame as I can see that folks here in the South have gone WOKE on us. So, needless to say, I will never ever ever buy from your company again. However, you WERE polite enough to immediately refund my mone6, for which I say “ thank you “.

Praline Pancake Waffle mix

This is the best pancake mix I have ever used. Thank you for making our breakfast so special....

Classic Fried Chicken Breading

Watch Out for the Green Taffy

This taffy is soft and yummy and there are lots of flavors... just watch out for the green taffy. They are super tart and sour like granny apple or blue raspberry. It was a surprise for sure!