Taffy Gift Box

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Our Taffy Gift Box includes a crowd-pleasing selection of our most popular Salt Water Taffy flavors in a beautiful package. It’s as close as anyone will ever come to putting sunshine in a box! 

1 pound souvenir box.

This candy was made to be stored at room temperature. During the shipping and delivery, it can get warm and become soft and sticky, or it can get cold and become firm and harder, depending on the time of year. If you let it come back to room temperature before treating yourself, you will find it just as fresh and enjoyable as if you just picked it up in our shop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Watch Out for the Green Taffy

This taffy is soft and yummy and there are lots of flavors... just watch out for the green taffy. They are super tart and sour like granny apple or blue raspberry. It was a surprise for sure!

Judy Risen

Summer Taffy Box

Sharon Harper

Taffy was great!

Mary Ruble
Great taffy

One of the best taffy’s I have had.

Blaine Mummert
Great Taffy

Been buying this taffy for years and even though I cannot come to the store and buy it right there it comes fresh as though I just bought it from the candy store. Great product and taste like it was just made.

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