Southern Style Okra Breading

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Okra is a deliciously Southern thing! Folks who like their's fried love our Southern Okra Breading. Small wonder, since it’s the same breading we use to create the authentic fried okra served at The Old Mill Pottery House Café. This special combination of stone-ground flour,  cornmeal, and spices is perfect for frying all your favorite veggies.

Available in a 2 lb. bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Delicious Breading!

I purchased a bag of this okra breading a few years ago for my mother since her garden almost always produces an abundance of okra. She absolutely loved it so when we made a trip back up this year, I purchased another bag for her and picked up one for my kitchen, too. OH. MY. YUM! This breading is not only absolutely delicious on okra but is also a light and tasty breading for flounder. We will have to keep this on hand!

C Henderson
Okra Breading

My family loves this breading for our fresh okra. If I happen to run out of the breading and use something else they always ask me what's wrong with the okra! This breading freezes well, too. With the abundance of our okra harvest this summer, I have put a good bit of okra in the freezer for later use. This breading stays on the okra and tastes just as good when cooked.

Peggy D Casey
The best breading mix for Okra ever.

My mother used to make the breaded okra all the time when I was young. So when I saw this breading on The Old Mill website I had to order it immediately. It tasted just like the okra I had as a child. Thanks so much.

Carmen Taylor
Good Breading

The breading has a great flavor but does like all the rest it falls off as your cooking. But overall the flavor is very good.

Drew Sanders
Southern Style Okra Breading


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