Spring Water Taffy

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While most everyone knows what Salt Water Taffy is, we like to think of ours as Spring Water Taffy! It's still the same thing, but we're not the same as everyone else! We bring the sweetness of summer, sitting by a mountain spring, to you with our soft, chewy, satisfying take on the great American classic. And we give you 17 delicious, delectable flavors to choose from! Sold by the pound.  48-52 pieces

This candy was made to be stored at room temperature. During the shipping and delivery, it can get warm and become soft and sticky, or it can get cold and become firm and harder, depending on the time of year. If you let it come back to room temperature before treating yourself, you will find it just as fresh and enjoyable as if you just picked it up in our shop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Avis Pedigo
Best Taffy Ever!

We go to Pigeon Forge twice a year and I by the taffy each time. I had a taste for the peanut butter and decided to order some. It came quick! I will definitely order online again when we have not visited.

Diane Newbury
Mouth watering goodness!

I ordered 2 pounds of the peanut butter and it is out of this world delicious. Shared some with a friend and now he ordered some as well.

Barbara King
Best vanilla taffy.

The vanilla taffy is awesome. Soft and chewy with a great vanilla flavor.

Linda B Fields
Best taffy ever.

My sister visited your shop this last week and gifted me a box of taffy. I love the smoothly wonderful taffy. OMG, I will be ordering more soon on line.
So yummy.

Donna Buchter

Spring water taffy is AMAZING!!

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