Miller's Special Popcorn Meal

10 reviews

Attention popcorn lovers: all your dreams have come true! Stoneground from popcorn kernels, this unique cornmeal adds a subtle, magical popcorn flavor to baked and fried bread including cornbread, muffins, cakes, fritters, and more. It’s great for creating dredges for deep frying, too.

Popcorn meal is more coarse than white or yellow cornmeal, so it also adds a unique texture and extra crunch.

To see how versatile this unique cornmeal really is, check out our recipe for Popcorn Meal Pork Chops. It’s a great way to create a tasty Southern-style entrée in no time.

Available in 2 lb. bags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Richard L Vie Brooks
Best ever

Years ago at salt fest a reenactment my brother and I were camped at we met fellow they called lame elk. He was known for his
cornbread and rightfully so his secret was popcorn meal best cornbread we ever ate. He's gone now but not forgotten,save us a place by the fire until we meet again up there.

Tressa Eastwood
Not what I expected

I enjoyed the flavor, however the popcorn meal did not soften like normal cornmeal. The cornbread I made was a little crunchy for my liking

Michael Eddy
Great stuff!!

Corn bread mis wonderful with their regular course ground cornmeal. With this stuff, it’s incredible!

Stacy Brewer
Popcorn meal

The best! Never make cornbread without it. Intense corn flavor. I used it with the jalapeño cornbread mix and Shazam ! Amazing corny goodness

Sherry Sorce

I was so happy to find The Old Mill again. My family loves the popcorn meal. My daughter will be so happy when she opens one of her gifts from Mother. Would Not surprised me if we got a pan of hot cornbread . Most importantly she will leave Mother’s meal alone. I need to mention the way the meal was packaged. I do not have to figure out how the meal will go in my freezer. Thank you for that surprise. I want to wished you and your Family a blessed Christmas. Sherry Sorce

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