1830 Grind Unbolted Yellow Cornmeal

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Did you know that most modern industrial mills only use part of the kernel in their finished cornmeal? It’s true. At The Old Mill, we grind the entire kernel using water-powered millstones, just as it's been done since 1830, and our unbolted (unsifted) approach means we don’t sift out the bigger bits. So. you get coarser yet incredibly flavorful cornmeal that brings a full, fresh taste to all your favorites.

Available in 2 and 5 lb. bags.

We apologize but our 25 lb. bags are currently unavailable online.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Cynthia McReynolds
Old Fashioned Cornbread

This cornmeal is like the cornmeal I grew up on. I love it being unbolted and it makes very moist cornbread.

Janet Santana
Makes great polenta

I use the 1830 Grind Unbolted Yellow Cornmeal to make polenta, and it is delicious!

John McCharen
Makes Great Cornbread

I didn’t use a mix or self-rising cornbread meal because I wanted to experiment with recipes without worrying about what’s in the mix. I’ve used both the white and yellow cornmeal and they both work great. It’s your preference.

Charmaine Welch

1830 Grind Unbolted Yellow Cornmeal

William Porterfield

1830 Grind Unbolted Yellow Cornmeal

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