1830 Grind Unbolted White Cornmeal

46 reviews

Many Southerners prefer cornbread, muffins, and fritters made from white corn rather than yellow. So we offer a nutritious, subtly flavorful white cornmeal made by stone grinding the entire kernel, the same way The Old Mill did in 1830!

Keeping the bigger bits in is an unbolted (unsifted) approach that creates coarser, higher fiber cornmeal some call old fashioned and everyone calls delicious!

Available in 2 and 5 lb. bags.

We apologize but our 25 lb. bags are currently unavailable online

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Larry Stafford

Best cornmeal I’ve ever used been usetng it over 25 yrs

Nancy Allinder
The Best Meal

This cornmeal is like old-time. No comparison between this meal and the meal you get in supermarkets. The one problem is the high price of shipping. Shipping cost more than the cornmeal

Rich Glinski
As advertised…

…amazing taste and texture!

Carol Jean Potter
Low sodium cornmeal

On my second bag of unbolted white cornmeal, sure is good! My husband is on low sodium diet, now he can have cornbread! Carol

Mary Beth Asher York
Best cornmeal ever!

I ONLY use stoneground cornmeal! Grocery store cornmeal is so fine and tasteless that it’s only for making Yankee sweet cake.

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