1830 Grind Unbolted White Cornmeal

40 reviews

Many Southerners prefer cornbread, muffins, and fritters made from white corn rather than yellow. So we offer a nutritious, subtly flavorful white cornmeal made by stone grinding the entire kernel, the same way The Old Mill did in 1830!

Keeping the bigger bits in is an unbolted (unsifted) approach that creates coarser, higher fiber cornmeal some call old fashioned and everyone calls delicious!

Available in 2 and 5 lb. bags.

We apologize but our 25 lb. bags are currently unavailable online

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Linda Rompot

The best meal in the south and the only one I will use to make cornbread with.

John Faircloth
Best you will ever Find

When I ran out of Old Mill Unbolted, I tried about 5 other meals and was disappointed every time., Finally l discovered the Old Mill Unbolted was again available and I am back in Cornbread Heaven!

Derrill Felkel
… an excellent product

my ancestors would have recognized and appreciated.

I thoroughly enjoyed the wholesome taste and the delightful texture.

Winfried Schroeder
1830 Grind Unbolted White Cornmeal

Just the way it was when I was a child. Glad for the availability.

Tommy Cundiff
The only kind!

I have been eating this cornmeal for over 55 years. My wife and my children won’t eat anything else! I plan on making cornbread for the rest of my life using The Old Mill’s white unbolted cornmeal. Nothing else come close.

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