Classic Dark Buckwheat Pancake Mix

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Buckwheat isn’t really wheat at all. It’s a fruit seed. The fact that it’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, and fiber has caused trendy types to call it a “superfood.” But Southerners have known buckwheat is special for centuries. Made with buckwheat, this mix lets you whip up thick, fluffy pancakes so good that you might forget they’re good for you!

Classic Buckwheat Pancake Mix is mixed with Buckwheat Flour as the primary flour, but also includes Whole Wheat Flour and Corn Flour in it, and is darker and has a stronger buckwheat flavor. Light (formerly "Original") Buckwheat Pancake Mix has a mixture of Whole Wheat, Buckwheat, and Rye Flours, with Whole Wheat as the more prominent ingredient. It is lighter in texture, color, and flavor. 

Available in a 2 lb. bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Andrew Dowd
Decent replacement for classic pancake mix

This is a good solid replacement for regular pancake mix. it produces a nice tasting pancake, rises well and for whole grain has a mild flavor. However, for me it was miles from a "Dark" pancake mix. I was hoping for something closer to recipes I had in Virginia that were strong, dark and delicious.

Ronnie Short
Received 2 bags and haven’t got the dark yet

What they send is good but not what I ordered

Larry Wells
Best pancakes in the world!

Ever since I had buckwheat cakes down in Gatlinburg, Tenn. there the only pancakes I want eye. I will be ordering the buckwheat pancake mix from the Mill all the time.

Laura Lucier
Pancake mix

WE buy the mixes while on vacation. Love them! Placed an order for Christmas gifts. It came within a few days! Family loved it!

Worse Pancakes ever.

I don't get the 5 star reviews. Is something wrong with my pancake mix? I love buckwheat pancakes. These were dry and tough and lacking flavor. I double checked the directions on the package because I thought I mixed them incorrectly or left something out.- But, no. Maybe mix was stale or old.

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