Mayhaw Jelly

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Uniquely Southern, this prized jelly is made from the fruit of mayhaw trees that typically grow in soggy swamplands. The tiny fruit (1/2 to 3/4 inches in diameter) resembles crabapples in appearance; the flavor reminds you of a blend of sweet apple with nuances of pineapple and mango; it tastes strongly of wild fruit and is the queen of jellies.

10 oz jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Catherine Martin

The Mayhaw Jelly is excellent.Used to get from friends.Haven’t been able to get it for 20 years.I am so excited to have a source.

Lisa Franklin
Mayhaw Jelly

Probably one of my favorite jellies. Bought some as gifts.

Marilyn Thomas

Delicious. Would definitely order again.

Staci Wolfford
Just ok

Not as flavorful as I’m used to with homemade.

Phillip Peterson
Mayhaw smiles

Have bought and thrown away about ten jars of mayhaw jelly. The previous jar of good mayhaw jelly was from a yard vendor twenty years ago in Florida. I decided the money back guarantee from Old Mill was incentive enough to at least try their mayhaw. Bought a jar. Tried it. Then bought a case more plus several other items. It’s as good a mayhaw as the best I ever had.

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