Habanero Blackberry Jam

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The heat of habanero is high up on the Scoville Scale for heat, and the flavor of blackberry fruit is a sweet match.

10-oz. jar

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Based on 2 reviews
John Hahn
This Habanero Blackberry Jam is the FREAKING BEST

I've made PB&J sandwiches, spread it on bratwurst, thinned it out for a glaze on shrimp, salmon, and chicken. Even put it on vanilla ice cream. Jam has some good heat, but not too hot. The sweetness of the blackberries conters the heat well. I will be buying more.

Thumbs Up

My husband loves all things with habanero in them; so I thought I would try out the Habanero Blackberry Jam.
It has a nice bit of heat when you swallow it--not pepper heat--flavor heat.
I ordered another jar when that one was gone--and added Stawberry Habanero Jam to my order. Great tasting jams.

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