Cracked Wheat Flour

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Cracked Wheat Flour is ground hard spring wheat, unsifted so that the texture of cracked wheat is still throughout the flour. It's great for baking bread full of texture.

Available in a 2 lb. bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cracked wheat pancakes for the win!

My mom used to make cracked wheat pancakes when I was young. I remember that they were delicious! I would ask her if she’d make them from time to time, but she couldn’t find the right kind of flour. This past year, I was determined to find the right kind of flour. I launched an internet search and found The Old Mill website. I ordered it for my mom for Christmas, and we all enjoyed tasty cracked wheat pancakes just like I had as a kid!

Pamela J Fatone
My second order

If I’m back for more know it was very good the first time . Fresh flours and I was happy using them in my sourdough baking . I bought a corn bread flour , to try , I love corn bread . I’m certain it will be good !!

jonh f ---- bonella
no delivery to date.

As of today, Sat- Dec 20, your shipment has not arrived. Plse advise ASAP.

Ardelle Wachter
I'm getting there!

Looks great I have not had time to make anything with it yet, looking forward to Christmas baking and the opportunity to use it. Love the cute little bag!


Very happy

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