Sweet Corn Relish

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Pickled fresh corn, peppers, and onion adds the refreshing taste of summer to many dishes.

16 oz. jar

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Based on 13 reviews
Barbara Patralites
Sweet corn relish.

Terrible. Much too sweet and corn very hard - almost raw. Never again will I buy it or anything from The Old Mill after this. I thought at this high price it would at least be decent.

Robert Girard
Good Corn Relish

As always the jar of corn relish is very good, taste is just the way I like it. Will continue to order, and when I can get down there I will stock up.

Steven Napier

Just tried it , it’s been a while since I’ve had it, so it brought back childhood memories I am 64 years old and still have good memories of my childhood, Thank you so much for this product

Pat Blankenship
Not my favorite product.

I generally love corn relish but this one got thrown away. It is the only food item we've ordered from Old Mill that I haven't given five stars. The kernels were too big for relish and had no "sweet" taste at all even though the brine was sweet. The hull was too tough to chew; I suspect corn that was old and hard was used in this product. There were several chunks of celery in this and I don't care for preserved celery. No mention was made in the description mentioning celery. There were very few peppers and I didn't see any onions. Won't buy it again and feel I wasted $7.99.

Evelyn Price

I never received it because it was outta stock 😩😩

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